Medical AI

in computer assisted surgery

DELTACAST Enables Real-Time Augmented 
Reality Graphics to Surgical Images

DELTACAST provides real-time augmented reality graphics for surgical images, improving the accuracy and reliability of minimally invasive surgeries. Through computer assisted surgery, surgeons are able to make precise and less aggressive incisions with the assistance of robots.

DELTACAST's video cards with extremely low latency rates enable the surgeon to view their gestures and additional information in real-time and in full synchronization. With a bypass relay, video streams are maintained even in the event of a system failure, ensuring the surgeon's uninterrupted view.


Low-latency annotation and graphic overlay: can be performed directly on the video stream from the medical device, without adding latency. DELTACAST I/O cards move video in and out of your appliance with the shortest latency, and some models even include a hardware keyer to process the video onboard with an end-to-end latency shortened to a few dozens of pixels and saving lots of CPU cycles. If video is processed on the GPU, the support for GPUDirect RDMA will provide direct connection between the I/O and the GPU, saving again lots of CPU resources.


Real-time: graphic overlay can be added in real-time to facilitate the surgeon's work


Fail-safe: video streams are maintained in the event of a system failure thanks to the DELTACAST bypass relay. The surgeon can continue to view the video even in the event of a power failure.


Interfacing is our work: whether you are working with SDI, DP, HDMI or IP, DELTACAST gets your covered.



Get access to the presentation of Dr. Ir. Pieter De Backer from Orsi where he presented the perspectives of AI and augmented reality in surgery.

Press Release: "Augmented reality in robotic surgery: First-in-human with NVIDIA Holoscan and DELTACAST video solutions"

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